Youth Strength Training Program For Middle & High School Approve Option 2 PROVIDER FOR RIDGE HIGH SCHOOL & BERNARDS HIGH SCHOOL

Students that are in option II will meet for one hour three times a week for ten weeks to complete their time requirement. Students that are not in option II will only meet for an hour two times per week for five or ten weeks. Our trainers are very flexible with days and times of the classes to fit into your schedule.

Youth strength training isn’t only lifting heavy weights, it can include bodyweight exercises such as TRX, resistance bands, medicine balls, and dowel rods. Our program is always supervised by certified professional trainers who will lead the students through guided programs. One of our students is quoted as saying this program is “coming in with friends and making new friends in a comfortable setting”. 

We do everything a big box gym does but in a more personal setting that will focus on your own needs. Students will feel comfortable quickly with our individualized groups and enjoy every class

Youth Strength Training can star as early as the age of 10 and go up the age of 18 years old.

Benefits of Youth Strength Training


  • Will increase speed, agility, and strength conditioning
  • Protect muscles and joints from sports-related injuries
  • Improves performance in any sport by providing  cross-training and plyometrics for explosive power 

Help student recover from sport-related injuries including concussions, empowers the student by improving their confidence and self-esteem, aids in maintaining a healthy weight, our trainers can provide nutritional diet plans to the students ( additional fee)

Youth Training Video

Check out this great video